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The Scantic Valley Regional Health Trust’s (SVRHT’S) mission is to provide participating governmental employers with high quality health plan options at the best possible value, to promote a Culture of Wellness throughout its membership, and to help its members become prudent consumers of health services.
The foundations of our wellness program....

     physical activity, stress management, healthy eating,
tobacco cessation and regular screening


Diabetes Care


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2019 SVRHT/ HNE Wellness Works! Program
2019 SVRHT/BCBS Wellness Works! Program
2019 SVRHT/Tufts Wellness Works! Program

18 Health Tips for 2018
Mayo Clinic's Heart Disease Risk Calculator


Access to Physicians in your state
24 hours/ day- 7 days/ week at no cost to the member.
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Notice for SVRHT Members

DASH for Health

Pure Barre Discount

The Flu and You

Glenmeadow's Lifestyle Pass

BCBS Members: Avoid Costly Trips to the ER
BCBS Members: Fitness and Weight Loss Reimbursements

A must-see video for anyone who wants
to prevent disease and improve their health! Enjoy...


Circuit Training Class

Yoga Class

Get 40% Discount on Wellness Programs

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East Longmeadow Recreation Dept
 Longmeadow Parks & Recreation Dept

Longmeadow- Park & Rec Adult Classes

Other Happenings

HNE meFIT Lifestyle Program

HNE meFIT Program (Info Session)

HWRSD Health Fair

Big Y Nutrition Tours- March 2019

Schedule Big Y Nutrition Tours

Diabetes Prevention Program
Challenge Diabetes Class


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